Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Favorite Songs

So, my good friend, inspiration, and Passion Queen, Marie (visit her blog--then you'll get it) asked what kind of music I like. I made it easy and just pasted some of my iPod playlists below. But it's funny--to answer what kind of music do I like--has the answer--well, good music, of course. But what that is and when it is--hard to say. I loved the song Life in a Northern Town, and when I first got my iPod--it was the first song I got from iTunes. But 20 listenings later--the thrill was lacking. Right at the moment--I love Jakatta's One Fine Day. It was just a song from a random email being circulated about. But I love it!

On my iPod I have everything from Pink Floyd and Queens Rhyche to Amazing Grace. I like what I like when the mood hits me. Side note--the ONLY song I have from Queens Rhyche is Silent Lucidity. I'm not into the head banging--but Silent Lucidity is a masterpiece.

Mika's Love Today is hip with my teenager right now--and it's a fun one. Unwritten seems to stay in my top ten list, along with Jewel's Life Uncommon. I've sung those in the shower many a-time, along with Evita songs. I don't know--I guess they lend themselves to shower singing. I loved that wet and watery song from Evita where they are all splashing around in the streets. And then the woman song from Mamma Mia--brought tears of joy to my eyes. Something about letting that feminine energy free--and playing and dancing and singing. Sure beats war.

When I saw Christine Kane sing, within a couple months I had my guitar. I didn't know that guitars came with blisters, so practice has been slow-going--but seeing Christine like that, just singing from the heart--part of me came alive.

Now, singing wise--well, I must be pretty alright, since I was in Madrigals and some of the more "elite" singing groups. But to do it and not be nervous--that would be a dream come true. So far, I've just stuck with shower singing so far--and then mostly when nobody is home! Which is sad since I LOVE singing and music so much. One day it will fall into place. Why else would I love it so? One day I'll actually buy a microphone. Then I'll just have to wait until nobody's home....

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Marie Greene said...

It was fun to see how many similar kinds of music we like, and also the differences. It's like a window into a person to see their musical tastes... kinda get to see all the facets. Don't you think?