Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spare body parts?

It's starting to look funny around the art room, as I've been trying various body sizes. Sometimes I make legs to go with a certain head, but by the time I put them together--the sizes are off. So these parts will become future dolls. I've gone through the learning process enough, and I'm learning to make babies for the sheer enjoyment, so I'm handling these little "set-backs" well--with just a chuckle. =)

Below are some legs and some flesh eyes for a sleepy baby. They still need the shape of eyeballs, even with the eyes closed. The pan is part of a roaster I do all my baking in (usually on a bed of fluff). I like it because it has a lid, to keep all of the fumes and chemicals off my oven. One day, I will have a convection oven dedicated solely to my sculpting, and not worry about it. =)

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