Monday, October 22, 2007

Inspired by Jenna

I have a lot of brothers--and I have a lot of sons--I must attract guys, I don't know....but in addition to my awesome full-blooded sister (as we have quite the mixed fam), my brother Randy went out and found me an awesome sister in law as well! Actually, my brother Jared found me another great one, too!). But this blog entry is for JENNA. She's so fun, and she reminds me to be. She's a great blogger and you can take a peek at her blog here.

She's encouraged me to blog more, and I decided, yeah, I should branch out more than just sculpting and art. I write a newsletter as well, so I feel like I'm pretty yakky as it is--but it's nice to just blog for the heck of it. Nothing important, not life-changing--just fun.

So my big news today is that I found the song I love from Enya on iTunes, and was downloading it while I wrote this. I don't know how to add music yet, so you'll have to check it out yourself at iTunes. It's called "Only Time" and it comes up number one in popularity when you do a search for Enya--so apparently I'm not the only one who loves it!And I'm going to package up my first little jointed baby doll tomorrow and send her off to her new mommy. I'm kind of sad--I'm not usually sad about my fairies. I love them too, but, I don't know--there's something about holding and cuddling with these little baby dolls. She has the most gorgeous eyes! You can see more pics here.
I will miss her!

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Randy and Jenna said...

thank you! you are an awesome sister.