Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Up to lately...

I found Jasen with Jordan and he'd given his little brother a Keebler Elf cookie.  Jordan's first experience with chocolate.  He looks as shocked as I was.

Next, we've been working on some Harry Potter wands.  We went through all the movies over Spring Break, got Harry Potter scars (you may have seen us decked out on Facebook...even Jordan had one), then Jasen bought some hair dye and he and Justin now sport Harry Potter hair, so the wands were the final touch.

I love it when you snap pics and they have no idea you even have the camera out.  Jasen helped me get them painted using the supplies shown above.  Just wooden dowels with some Apoxy Sculpt (but you could use Premo clay).  They actually turned out pretty cool, and very woody looking.

Jordan was so darn cute with that cookie.

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