Friday, March 27, 2009

What to say?

Well, it was a very strange week. Seeing my Dad at the viewing...good for closure I guess, but not a highlight. Jasen, my 5 year old was curious and stayed for a few minutes...then BOLTED out of there. I could relate. Dead bodies.

It was awesome to see so much family I don't see much. It was wonderful to see my handsome brothers and cute little sister, and her little boy Talon.

But all in all, it was rather weird and surreal. And at the same time, it's nice to have it all over with. I guess part of me knew the day would come that I'd get that phone call, saying Dad had died. And now it's over. I can't help but feel some relief. Mostly because I know he was struggling and not at peace. And now he is.

The kids handled it all well. They hadn't seen Dad for a while and didn't see him often, so I think in a way that made it easier on them. But Josh summed it up well (my 10 year old).

"How do you feel about Grandpa Dave dying?"


They all loved their Grandpa.

Just had another surreal moment where it seems so strange to be writing this. That someone's life has ended.

We went out to eat tonight--us siblings--to PF Chang's. I love my family. I actually got to have 2 families, with the divorces and remarriages. The more the merrier.

I hope my children will love each other and enjoy each other like I do my family.

More changes on the horizon. I'll keep you posted.


randy said...

I have enjoyed your insights for the last four months or so. I too, truly believe in the laws of attraction. I also believe Christ tried to teach us this also. And again, I too have lost my father.
The great thing is... if we understand what I believe we both understand, then all is well!

Cherry Tree said...
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