Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pangea & Now

Long ago, scientists say, the continents were one—the great Pangea. And over time, the land divided into the separate continents. And from there we continued to divide into countries—with different languages, different customs, different beliefs. So much of the world we know has been based on our differences, our separateness.

Yet, I have found great peace in viewing the world another way—for things are changing. Despite the great seas and landmasses that “divide” us, I’ve found I can have an intimate conversation with a woman in Australia, or England, or wherever my friends arise. And in doing so, I find that we are not so different. In fact, we are very much alike, both being guided by an intelligence greater than us all, or rather, much more whole.

Can you see that most of the strife and turmoil humankind has endured, has resulted from our supposed differences? Whether it be religion or beliefs, or over land and resources—it is our perceived separateness at the root of this turmoil. If we thought we were one, and could be trusted, that the needs and desires of “others,” were as important as our own, would we not find peace?

Times are changing. One by one, relationships are blooming, connections are being made. Yet, while our leaders seek peace globally, I believe the real progress—the kind that will change our world—is happening one person, one friendship at a time. As we connect and learn and grow from each other, we find, we are not so different. In fact, we are very much the same in many ways—and in our differences, we find new perceptions, new ways to view the world—and much to appreciate.

The World Wide Web, has become just that—a web of connection, a web of personal relationships, a healing web of connections that draw us together toward our original oneness.
So as you send off your emails today, or peruse your favorite blogs and websites—take a moment to consider the miracle that is occurring—and the part you are playing. We are not so different after all.


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